“The Orders of Spiritis” BSS Broadcast Part 4

January 3, 2018

This month's topic is "The Orders of Spirits" or "The Classes of Spirits". Continuing the discussion on the Fundamentals of Spiritism. The reading can be found in "The Spirits' Book" by Allan Kardec, under "Book II", starting on Item #100.

Spirits are in many respects just like the people you meet on Earth from day to day. They have different qualities. Some are more educated, some are less educated. Some of them take matters seriously, while others treat everything like a joke. Some are devoted to helping others, while others are only interested in helping themselves.

Knowing this is important when we begin communicating with spirits, that we cannot listen to everything at face value. In the year 1857 Allan Kardec said we must put every spirit communication to the test of reason. In this way, we will not be fooled my frivolous or mocking spirits, or worse, become fascinated by a spirit who wishes to communicate its own opinions as if they were the absolute truth. Allan Kardec's method of testing communications is a defense against being blindly led down the road to ignorance.

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